SCARED – A Novel. Chapter 2.02 – Man

Continuing the serialization of an original novel I’ve written entitled SCARED.

I struggled up through slumber to find myself bathed in sweat. I felt sick to my stomach. Undoubtedly a result of too much wine. Throwing back the comforter and sheet, I allowed the chill of the evening to caress my wet body. My feeling of discomfort evolved into full-fledged nausea. I was going to be physically sick … it was only a matter of time. My stomach began to cramp, and I curled into a ball. For a moment, I felt better. Fortunately, Chris did not stir.
The sweat seemed to freeze on my skin, but I could not bring myself to pull the comforter back over my body. My stomach cramped again, and my body went rigid. Chris slept on.
I dozed for a few minutes, almost slipping into a deep sleep. Then the nausea hit me again this time with a vengeance.
I jumped from the bed, stumbling down the little ladder and rushing to the bathroom. Dropping to my knees, I threw up the toilet lid and rested my head against my arm. Nothing happened. The ceramic tile was refreshingly cold against my knees as was the to toilet bowl rim against my arm. The nausea passed.
Suddenly, my body was convulsed with abdominal pain, and I broke out in a cold sweat. My gorge followed in a rush. I could taste the sour sweetness of the wine. That only triggered another onslaught, followed by yet another. Finally the pains subsided. I was left exhausted and cold as I tried to evaluate my physical condition.
After several minutes, I wiped my mouth with a wad of toilet paper and tried to stand. For a second or two, my head swam dizzily, then everything came into focus again.
I flushed the toilet and staggered back to the bedroom. Chris still slept soundly. Doing my best, I crawled back into bed and pulled the comforter over me. Even the damp sheets felt comforting. Pulling them close, I buried my head in the pillow.
“Lord, help me to remember that anger, fear and anxiety are but tools of Satan and have no place in the faithful heart.”
I slept once more.

NEXT: SCARED continues.

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